About the Comic

Jackson Redding was a bad, bad man.

Ten years ago, The Hotshots disbanded and Adonis moved to California for a fresh start with his wife and former teammate, Whitney. Things are going well for him; he's a hero, a philanthropist, a man of his own making, out from underneath his dad's thumb. The city of Retrouvailles is a distaint and occassionally painful memory. Then he's called home for the funeral of his best friend, Jackson Redding. The circumstances behind Jack's death are mysterious at best, and after the discovery of another body, a stripper named Stella, is revealed to have a strange connection to Jack, the suspects pile up. Adonis is forced to work with the only person he knows he can trust - his estranged older brother, Donatello.

Will Adonis unravel the lies that have entangled Retrouvailles, or will he be destroyed along with it?

About the Creator

We Only See Each Other at Funerals was created by Phoebe 'Beebs' Holmes, a comic artist and creator. She's a big fan of true crime, mystery and superheroes, and has been wanting to create her own comics ever since she was a child. Check out her Twitter and Instagram and keep up with WOSEOF and all other comics on the BeebsComics twitter page!